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Tom Deane’s story is one of entrepreneurial spirit, international ambition, and a deep understanding of the construction industry. As the co-founder of ProjectMark, a cutting-edge CRM software tailored for the

  In the bustling world of construction technology, having a groundbreaking product isn’t enough to guarantee success. The real key to dominating the market? It’s all about distribution. Let’s roll

In the dynamic world of Indian startups, one name is making waves in the construction technology sector: Infra.Market. This unicorn, valued at an impressive $2.5 billion, is not just another

In the conservative world of architecture and construction, where traditions run deep and change comes at a glacial pace, Altaf Ganihar emerges as an unlikely disruptor. With a background in

The Early Days Growing up on construction sites in the west of Ireland, David Mitchell learned to walk on building sites alongside his father. Even from a young age, he

In the dynamic world of construction technology (ConTech) startups, securing funding is a crucial milestone. Naturally, founders want to celebrate and publicize these achievements to build credibility and momentum.
The development industry has left the planet with more toxic waste than anyone else. A staggering 40% of global greenhouse gas is credited to the building sector. A study by


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