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  Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the construction industry. From project planning to risk assessment, AI is making its mark. But who will benefit most from this revolution? Will it be

  In today’s complex construction landscape, supply chain visibility is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. As projects grow in scale and complexity, the need for real-time tracking and efficient

  In the heart of Europe’s green revolution, a German startup is making waves in the home energy efficiency market. Enter, formerly known as Baupal, is not just another player

  Imagine trying to renovate a house blindfolded. Sounds impossible, right? Yet, that’s essentially what we’re doing when retrofitting buildings without physical substance data. This crucial information is revolutionising how

  In an industry that quite literally builds our world, a crisis is looming. As Gregory Dewerpe puts it bluntly: “You could drop ship 5 million heat pumps tomorrow in

  In 2023, global investment in energy transition technologies hit a record $1.77 trillion, with energy efficiency investments alone reaching $380 billion and set to grow by 10% by 2030.

  Welcome to the final installment of our OPTIMA framework series. We’ve explored Objectives, People, Targeted outcomes, and Integrated processes. Now, let’s dive into the last two elements: Modern tools

  Did you know that the construction industry accounts for 38% of global CO2 emissions? This staggering figure highlights the urgent need for sustainable building materials. As we build our

  Welcome back to our series on the OPTIMA framework for construction innovation. In Part 1, we introduced the framework and explored the importance of clear objectives and the right

  Imagine a continent where three-quarters of all buildings are energy-inefficient. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario – it’s the reality in Europe today. A staggering 75% of buildings in the

  Are you struggling to implement innovation in your construction business? You’re not alone. The construction industry often grapples with adopting new technologies and processes. But what if there was

  As electric vehicles (EVs) zoom into the mainstream, one question looms large: where will we charge them all? The EV revolution is here, but its success hinges on a

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