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“Generalists Will Die” – Why Construction VC Firms Will Outperform Generalists – Vivin Hegde, GP Zacua Ventures

“Construction tech funding went from less than 30 million in 2012 to around 7 billion in 2022, a more than 60x increase in just 10 years.” ***Sign up to...

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Identifying High-Impact Construction Tech Opportunities | Aaron Toppston & Yaniv Lusana – GS Futures

Ever wondered how major VC firms evaluate and invest (or reject) in construction technology startups? In this episode, we sit down with Aaron Toppston and Yaniv Lusana of GS...

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Why Construction Is The New Hotbed Of Tech Innovation| Omar El-Ayat, General Partner at Euclid Ventures

Join us as Omar El-Ayat, general partner at Euclid Ventures, takes us on a journey into the exciting world of vertical SaaS – and explains its phenomenal impact on...

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BBBC 01/06 – Innovations, Challenges, and Investor Perspectives On Sustainable Building Materials

Are you curious about the latest innovations in sustainable building materials and the challenges of bringing them to market? 🤔 In this episode of Bricks and Bytes Broadcast, we...

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Trials And Triumphs: AI, Robotics, and Investment Strategies | May Roundup with Owen & Martin

Join Owen and Martin as they take you on a journey of May's most groundbreaking conversations in the world of construction tech. From Berlin to Amsterdam, the pair uncover...

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Why Most Construction Tech Startups are Doomed to Fail | KP Reddy, Founder of Shadow Ventures

What does it REALLY take to launch a successful construction tech startup? KP Reddy, a global authority in AEC and founder of Shadow Ventures, pulls back the curtain and...

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