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Join us alongside the visionaires shaping the future of our built world

At the intersection of hammers and hard drives lies Bricks & Bytes, a podcast dedicated to the dynamic and evolving world of construction technology.

Our mission is to enlighten, inspire, and connect builders, tech enthusiasts, investors and innovators. With each episode, we bring together industry experts, tech gurus, and visionary thinkers to discuss the latest innovations and their transformative impacts on the construction landscape.

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Owen Drury

Construction Enthusiast

Owen is a construction tech advocate and owner of multiple construction businesses. He is an expert in business strategy, operations and leadership.

Martin Piekarz

Chartered Engineer

Martin is a keen engineer and owner of CAD Engineering Solutions.  He is highly skilled in problem solving, negotiation and leadership.


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Our Story

Two successful young construction business owners, fed up with working in an outdated industry, decided to explore how technology could improve their companies. Deeply interested in both tech and construction, they started Bricks and Bytes as a way to bring these two worlds together.

Their goal was simple: create a community where like-minded construction tech enthusiasts, founders and investors could come together to share ideas, collaborate, and drive innovation in the construction industry. 

They wanted to provide a platform that would support entrepreneurs in bringing their cutting-edge ideas to life and connect them with investors who shared their vision for a more technologically advanced construction sector.

Bricks and Bytes represents the perfect blend of construction’s solid foundation and technology’s limitless potential. It’s a place where forward-thinking individuals can challenge the status quo and work together to build a better future for the industry.

If you’re passionate about construction tech, join the Bricks and Bytes community. Be part of the movement that’s transforming the construction landscape and shaping the industry’s future, one innovation at a time.