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#028 – Delia Visan – A Masterclass in Customer Success

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How do you get your customers to fall in love with your brand?

On today’s podcast we have Delia Visan, a master, influencer and advocate in the world of customer success.

Delia is currently the head of Customer Success at Bright Spaces and is one of the top 25 CS Leaders of 2023.

Getting existing customers to spend more is far easier than obtaining new customers. And in this episode we chat about how CS can result in improved customer retention and a higher customer lifetime value.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why customer success is important and why startups NEED it
  • How small businesses can integrate customer success into their operations
  • Current and future trends in customer success
  • How to learn (and dream in) new languages


Delia Visan

Head of Customer Success @Bright Spaces || 25 Most Creative CS Leaders of 2023 by EverAfter || 2022 Top Influencers in the CS Space by Custify


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(00:00:00-00:02:01) – Intro

(00:02:01-00:04:06) – Tech world in Romania

(00:04:06-00:04:56) – Is Romania exporting tech outside?

(00:04:56-00:05:42) – Are tech teams based in Romania?

(00:05:42-00:07:18) – When did you discover customer success and what did you love about it?

(00:07:18-00:08:02) – Is customer success different in proptech then the other industry?

(00:08:02-00:08:54) – What is customer success?

(00:08:54-00:10:27) – What is the checklist for customer success?

(00:10:27-00:11:59) – From where the customer success starts?

(00:11:59-00:13:47) – Customer success implementations

(00:13:47-00:15:18) – When should companies implement customer success?

(00:15:18-00:17:21) – Customer obsession and customer is not always right

(00:17:21-00:20:07) – What is bright spaces?

(00:20:07-00:21:54) – Customer success with lease owner

(00:21:54-00:22:04) – Is bright spaces designed for Romanian market?

(00:22:04-00:23:42) – Future plans

(00:23:42-00:24:34) – Delia other passion

(00:24:34-00:26:18) – What are some future trends you see right now?

(00:26:18-00:27:51) – Segmentation of the customers

(00:27:51-00:29:12) – Should startup approach customer success differently then other businesses?

(00:29:12-00:30:13) – Customer satisfaction

(00:30:13-00:32:14) – How to deal with customer that you don’t like?

(00:32:14-00:33:34) – Simple thing to do for customer success

(00:33:34-00:37:00) – Delia is multilingual

(00:37:00-00:37:42) – Books or resources

(00:37:42-00:38:28) – Course

(00:38:28-00:38:51) – More about Delia

(00:38:51-00:39:16) – Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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