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#036 -Eric Helitzer – Simplifying Material Procurement In Construction

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How do we simplify material procurement in construction?

In this episode, we talk with Eric Helitzer, CEO of Subbase.

Eric discusses his transition from traditional construction to construction technology and his approach to streamlining construction procurement.

We cover important topics such as:

  • The significance of understanding problems to develop effective tech solutions
  • Tips for validating ideas before investing time and resources
  • How to encourage a culture that supports innovation and technology adoption
  • Integrating technology into existing workflows without disrupting processes

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Eric Helitzer | Founder & CEO of SubBase


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00:00 – 00:55 Pre-Intro

00:56 – 01:48 Owen's Intro

01:49 – 2:06 Sponsor

02:24 – Main podcast starts

04:09 – “You have to be on job site to understand what it physically looks like and what it physically feels like to work in construction.”

04:34 – Story of Eric

06:10 – 2008 to 2014 career

06:38 – Procore Software

09:11 – “Subbase was born”

10:30 – Partnering to someone with no experience in construction

11:48 – A tool that enhance workflow

13:00 – About Subbase

14:00 – Complexities in process

15:00 – Streamlining the experience

19:06 – Raised first official round of funding

20:30 – Subbase becoming end-to-end solution

21:00 – 5 to 10 year vision

22:46 – “if you were to build a startup in construction tech, where would you start?”

24:00 – Amount of rejection you are going to receive

30:32 – You have to iterate very quickly

32:00 – No one has a clear playbook

35:20 – Other trends worth pursuing

38:00 – Strengthen relationship by providing better user experience

40:46 – “Any thoughts on how people incorporate technology into existing workflows?”

45:45 – Hobbies of Eric

47:00 – ” if I wasn't working in construction”

48:05 – Where people can find out about Eric


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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