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#038 – Vlad Opanasiuk – Construction Transformation: Automation, Open Source & Tech Integration

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In this episode, we sit down with Vlad Opanasiuk, CEO of REDD, emphasizing the unique challenges and opportunities in automating construction processes. He shares insights from a startup accelerator, highlighting the importance of quick execution and adaptability in the industry.

During the episode, we dive into: 

  • Automation in construction beyond robot factories. 
  • Vlad's experience in a startup accelerator (Entrepreneur First). 
  • Construction industry challenges in venture capital circles.
  • Construction digital integration
  • Data collection driving AI success 

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Vlad Opanasiuk, CEO @ REDD (Revolutionary Engineering & Digital Design)


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00:09 – Owen's Intro

00:54 – Shout out to our sponsor

01:09 – Podcast Starts – What is design automation?

05:37 – How do you think the industry is about automation?

09:13 – Incubator and launchpad

12:10 – How venture capitalist invests

14:57 – Ideas don't really matter

16:10 – None of the team had technical background

19:11 – Construction industry is a difficult industry for VC circles

21:58 – Not everything is software

23:00 – We are not selling designs. We are selling risks

26:00 – BIM and ML integration

30:15 – REDD – Revolutionary Engineering & Digital Design

33:10 – Outsourced RnD Department

34:00 – Is this for investor or engineer?

37:15 – What is the main obstacle and why is it not possible to do?

39:21 – how deep the product is, what's the range of this product?

43:48 – Plant based replacement concept

48:55 – Off topic question

52:20 – Ending


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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