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#045 – Christoph Betz – Navigating Innovation in Construction: Challenges and Perspectives

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Introducing today's guest, Christoph Betz, an independent innovation advisor and researcher. Christoph Betz explored the true meaning of innovation, effective teamwork through collaboration, and the impact of social science on innovation departments. 

In this episode, we will explore the following topics:

  • Innovation is occurring on construction sites in various forms.
  • Collaboration and younger generations play a crucial role in driving innovation.
  • Clear goals and strategies are essential for successful innovation projects.
  • Integration of new technologies into workflows is key, while minimizing cognitive load.
  • Dedicated innovation teams are emerging in the industry.
  • Europe, particularly Germany, leads in innovation, including BIM.
  • Construction industry shows optimism and progress in its innovation journey. 

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Christoph Betz, Innovation & Venture in Construction


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