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#070 – Ben Weiss – Unlocking Hidden Potentials In Low-Tech Industries

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Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

In today’s episode of Bricks & Bytes, we have Ben Weiss, Co-Founder of BinStar.

In this episode, we learn about the potential in low-tech industries like construction and the role technology can play in improving efficiency.

Tune in to find out about:

  • How the construction industry represents a major market opportunity that is overlooked by many investors

  • Why focusing on cost reduction and efficiency improvements is a better strategy than creating new revenue streams

  • The challenges of adopting new technology in traditional industries resistent to change

  • The future role of technology like drones and AI in optimisation of construction processes

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Ben Weiss | Co-Founder of BinStar


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(00:00:00 – 00:02:30) – Intro

(00:02:30 – 00:05:20) – Ben's background in public markets and hedge funds 

(00:05:20 – 00:12:00) – Defining “low-tech” industries and why they are interesting investment opportunities

(00:12:00 – 00:25:00) – How simple technology can have massive impact on traditional businesses 

(00:25:00 – 00:35:33) – SolidSpace and its solution for construction project mistakes

(00:35:33 – 00:42:00) – Advice for new investors

(00:42:00 – 00:29:30) – Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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