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25 Startups And $500 Million Funding | From Marine Biology To Investment Megalodon


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In this episode, we sit down with Parker Mundt, Vice President of Suffolk Technologies. His story is as unique as it is fascinating. Join us as we discover how Parker’s unique background is shaping the future of the construction industry with groundbreaking solutions – and empowering startups.

Listen as Parker shares insider insights on the most promising areas for technological disruption, the key factors driving the adoption of new solutions, and what it takes to build a successful construction tech startup.

Find out:

  • The best Go-To-Market strategies on construction tech right now
  • The critical role of seamless implementation and demonstrable ROI
  • Emerging opportunities in design tech, supply chain, robotics, and more
  • Strategies for founders to validate ideas, raise funds, and build investable companies

And much more.


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This episode is brought to you by Shft—helping contractors like you leverage BIM to secure a leading position in the race towards construction’s digital future.



BuildVision is a procurement network for the $5T commercial construction market. We are transforming the commercial construction supply chain by bringing contractors, manufacturers, and project stakeholders onto a single software platform—revolutionizing how every component is sourced, purchased, and financed.



(00:00 – 02:32) – Intro to Parker & Our Sponsors

(02:32 – 07:13) – Parker’s Journey

(07:14 – 18:19) – About Boost – Built World Accelerator Program

(18:20 – 32:41) – About Suffolk Tech

(32:42 – 39:57) – Capabilities of LLMs and AI

(39:58 – 42:17) – Unicorns Creation in Design Space

(42:18 – 47:07) – Growth Strategies for Construction Tech Startups

(47:08 – 54:36) – Strategy For Go-To-Market and Sales

(54:37 – 01:03:45) – How To Build Better Investable Startup

(01:03:45 – 01:04:47) – Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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