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AI, EVs, IPOs and InfraMarket’s Billion Dollars Valuation: What It Tells Us About Global Construction Trends – Bricks, Bucks & Bytes


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From billion-dollar unicorns in India to America’s EV infrastructure push, the landscape of construction is shifting fast.

In this episode of Bricks, Bucks and Bytes, we had Patric Hellermann exploring the complex world of construction tech, energy infrastructure, and global market trends. We dived into InfraMarket’s success, the challenges of electrifying everything, and the future of AI in construction.

Tune in to find out about:

✅ InfraMarket’s $2.5 billion valuation and plans to go public

✅ The hidden infrastructure challenges in the “Electrify Everything” movement

✅ Why China is leading the EV race and what it means for Western markets

✅ The crucial role of efficient distribution in AI-driven construction tech

Essential listening for construction tech professionals, investors, and industry leaders.


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(00:00 – 01:22) : Intro

(01:22 – 06:46) : New Format and Name Brainstorming

(06:46 – 10:54) : Mars Unicorn Fund Invests $50 Million in InfraMarket

(10:54 – 24:40) : InfraMarket’s Valuation and Profitability

(24:40 – 27:02) : The Indian Stock Exchange and Middle Class Investment

(27:02 – 33:24) : Biden Administration’s Investment in EV Charging Infrastructure

(33:24 – 41:55) : Challenges and Implications of Electrifying Everything

(41:55 – 46:34) : The Role of Incumbents in the AI Industry

(46:34 – 51:23) : The Importance of Distribution in the Success of AI Companies

(51:23 – 54:14) : The Potential of Micro Nuclear Power Plants


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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