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BBBC 01/06 – Innovations, Challenges, and Investor Perspectives On Sustainable Building Materials


Are you curious about the latest innovations in sustainable building materials and the challenges of bringing them to market? 🤔

In this episode of Bricks and Bytes Broadcast, we had Gregory Dewerpe, founding partner at AO PropTech, and we got to learn about the complexities of retrofitting for energy efficiency, the role of venture capital in construction tech, and how startups are digitizing the installation process… and many more!

Tune in to find out about:

✅ Innovations in sustainable building materials like timber and insulation

✅ Challenges with adoption and commercialization timelines for new materials

✅ How software is enabling more efficient and traceable retrofitting

✅ The impact of regulations and certifications on construction innovation



00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage

02:00 Exploring Sustainable Building Materials and New Startups

07:28 Challenges of Insulation and Retrofitting Work

08:27 Regulations and Impact on Construction Industry

What's Up Next: