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BBBC 13/04 – Europe’s Hottest Startup, Retrofitting, PR Best Practice & Nonsense

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With ageing housing stock and increasing environmental targets, retrofitting emerges as a critical solution.

In this episode, Patric, Owen & Martin dissect the challenges and opportunities inherent in this market, emphasizing the crucial role of data analysis and physical substance in guiding effective retrofitting decisions.

The conversation extends to the significance of platforms like, which serve as vital connectors between suppliers, homeowners, and contractors in the retrofitting process.

Additionally, they explore the role of PR in investment rounds, acknowledging its potential for signalling momentum and raising brand awareness, albeit with the caveat of careful curation and audience consideration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retrofitting addresses the pressing need posed by ageing housing stock and environmental goals.
  • Effective retrofitting decisions hinge on a blend of data analysis and physical substance.
  • Platforms like Enter facilitate seamless collaboration between stakeholders in the retrofitting process.
  • PR in investment rounds can boost momentum and brand visibility, but it necessitates thoughtful curation and understanding of the target audience.


00:00 Introduction and Sunshade Experiment

10:55 Data Analysis and Physical Substance in Retrofitting Decisions

29:17 The Benefits and Considerations of PR in Investment Rounds

Companies Mentioned:

– XYZ Reality

– Enter.De

– Furbnow

– AECOMarketing (Kevin Ferguson)


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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