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BBBC 27/04/24 – Incoming IPO, $3.5bn Raised, Pointless Conversations and 2024 Business Draft

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In this episode of Bricks & Bytes Broadcast, Patric, Owen, and Martin explore the remarkable $3.5 billion funding journey of EquipmentShare, a construction tech company that’s modernizing the industry.

They delve into the challenges and opportunities of construction technology, discussing the crucial role of human touchpoints in B2B marketplaces and the importance of building trust in an industry heavily reliant on relationships.

The conversation also touches on the potential risks and rewards of EquipmentShare’s substantial funding, and whether this gamble will pay off in the long run.

Key Takeaways:

  • Equipment Share has raised billions of dollars in funding, primarily through a combination of debt and equity financing.
  • The company focuses on modernizing the construction industry with innovative technology-driven solutions, particularly in equipment rental and fleet management.
  • Human touchpoints are important in B2B marketplaces, as they allow for personalized advice and build trust in an industry that relies on relationships.
  • Founders should prioritize important conversations that contribute to their business in the short term or help make informed decisions about the long-term path.
  • The hosts engage in a business draft game, selecting their top business idols or people they would have on their boards.


00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Equipment Share

07:10 Why Does Equipment Share Need So Much Funding?

16:32 Non-Ideal Conversations and Prioritization

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Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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