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“Generalists Will Die” – Why Construction VC Firms Will Outperform Generalists – Vivin Hegde, GP Zacua Ventures


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“Construction tech funding went from less than 30 million in 2012 to around 7 billion in 2022, a more than 60x increase in just 10 years.”

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In this episode, we had Vivin Hegde, Director at Zacua Ventures, and we got to learn about his personal journey from an engineer in India to a VC in the US, Zacua’s unique investment thesis, and how becoming a parent has changed his perspective on work and life.

Tune in to find out about:

✅ Why Vivin believes construction tech is ripe for disruption

✅ How Zacua’s close relationship with LPs gives them an edge in investing

✅ The 3 key things Zacua looks for in early-stage startups

✅ Vivin’s advice for founders on what to avoid when scaling


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(00:00 – 02:52) – Intro To Our Sponsors & Guest

(02:52 – 14:05) – How Vivin Got Into Venture Capitals

(14:05 – 17:40) – How To Figure Out A Good Partner In Business

(17:40 – 27:00) – About Zacua Ventures

(27:00 – 29:27) – How Zacua Ventures Operates As A Team From Different Parts Of The World

(29:27 – 42:30) – Investment Thesis Of Zacua Ventures

(42:30 – 55:55) – Vivin’s Perspective On Robotics In Construction

(55:55 – 01:04:00) – Relationship Between Ventures Firm And Limited Partner

(01:04:00 – 01:07:00) – How To Identify Real Problems Before Investing

(01:07:00 – 01:13:45) – Where Startups Go Wrong In Construction Tech

(01:13:45 – 01:21:17) – How Becoming A Parent Has Impacted Vivin’s Life

(01:06:21 – 01:21:17) – Problems of Construction Tech Across Different Geographies

(01:21:17 – 01:22:18) – Outro


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Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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