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Go To Market Strategies & Investing In Construction Tech | Lisa Diaz (Ex-Goldman Sachs Managing Director)

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Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

How do you find the most promising startups in construction tech?

Join us for a breathtaking episode as we sit down with Wall Street mastermind Lisa Giuffra Diaz – Founder of Turf Advisory. She bought her first stocks when she was just 14 – and when she missed her train at Grand Central, she found her millions.

Listen to this ex-Goldman Sachs powerhouse, as she reveals the roadmap to construction’s investment-oasis. From Wall Street boardrooms to construction sites, Lisa shares her path to identifying construction-tech winners – and separating wheat from the chaff. Find out how she targets the most promising ventures, tackles industry challenges, and learns from her missteps.

This is a bookmark episode for all tech startups, VCs, and business owners in the construction world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Founder Filter: Understand Lisa’s rigorous vetting process, highlighting how to spot founders with the resilience and vision to succeed
  • Pain Point Power (Attention startups and VCs): Discover the importance of identifying and solving genuine issues construction workers face as the cornerstone of successful investment
  • Building Beyond Borders: Get the inside track on Lisa’s international expansion and how she conquered the shift to construction
  • The Margin Mission: Why thin margins are a construction epidemic, and how Lisa’s focus on efficiency is turning the tide
  • The Rise of MWBEs: Explore how platforms like Tough Leaf empower minority and women-owned businesses in construction, and why investors are taking note
  • Financial Grit: Learn why investors demand strong financial discipline and a clear path to profitability in today’s economic climate
  • Lessons from Failure: Gain insights from investment missteps and learn the importance of prudence when backing construction tech startups

And much more.


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(00:00:00-00:02:44) Intro

(00:02:37-00:12:30) Why Lisa Choose Construction

(00:12:30-00:19:00) What Makes Construction Different From Other Sectors

(00:19:00-00:21:15) How To Recognize A Bad Investment

(00:21:15-00:24:07) About Turf Advisory

(00:24:07-00:34:58) Tips To Improve Annual Recurring Revenue

(00:34:58-00:40:31) Impact Of Business Cycles For Startups

(00:40:31-00:45:10) Worst Investment Decision Made By Lisa

(00:45:10-00:47:18) How To Prevent Misallocation Of Funds

(00:47:18-01:07:05) Process To Follow While Onboarding People

(01:07:05-01:11:10) Importance of Communication For Introvert Engineers

(01:11:10-01:22:56) Quick QnA With Lisa

(01:22:56-01:24:23) Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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