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Inside the Mind of Europe’s Largest VC Founder in Built-World | Gregory Dewerpe

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Join us for an exclusive insider look at AO Venture Capital, Europe’s largest built-world VC firm with direct access to $40 Billion in real estate.

In this episode, we sit down with AO’s founder Gregory Dewerpe, as he reveals the genesis of AO, their unique approach to investing in new construction technology, and the key factors that drive success in this space. If you’re a startup, a venture capitalist, or a business owner – this episode is a must-listen.

Find out:

  • How AO Venture Capital is leading the way in funding innovative solutions for a more sustainable built environment
  • The unique investment approach that sets AO apart, and gives your startup a competitive edge
  • What key factors will determine your success in the built world technology sector, directly from a leading investor
  • How Dewerpe’s background in real estate and entrepreneurship shapes their investment strategy.

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(00:00:00-00:02:17) Intro

(00:02:17-00:10:17) About A/O

(00:10:17-00:12:35) How To Raise Funds In The Beginning

(00:12:35-00:16:44) Key Lessons Leant While Building A/O

(00:16:44-00:20:47) Definition of Built World According To Gregory

(00:20:47-00:30:10) Opportunities In Built World

(00:30:10-00:32:50) Questions VCs Ask To Founders

(00:32:50-00:39:34) What Makes One Retrofit Company Stand Over Another

(00:39:34-00:44:53) Thoughts Behind Investing In SPAN

(00:44:53-00:47:25) Thoughts Behind Investing In ENTER

(00:47:25-00:56:26) Labor Shortage In Construction

(00:56:26-00:59:53) Profitability Of Startups In Construction

(00:59:53-01:06:54) Process Followed In A/O While Raising Funds

(01:06:54-01:09:14) Differences In Startup Founders in Europe vs US

(01:09:14-01:09:58) Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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