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Story Of A Modular Construction Startup That Burned Through £10M in 15 Months – Chris Spiceley


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What could go so wrong that a £10M modular construction startup collapsed in just 15 months?

In this episode, we had Chris Spiceley and we got to learn about his experience working at Modulous, a modular construction startup that went from raising £10M to liquidation in just 15 months.

Chris shares valuable insights on what went wrong, lessons learned, and advice for anyone building a construction tech startup.

Tune in to find out about:

✅ The challenges of delivering modular projects in the UK

✅ Key factors that contributed to Modulus’ downfall

✅ The personal impact on employees when a startup fails

✅ Chris’ thoughts on the future of industrialized construction


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(00:00 – 02:50) – Intro To Our Sponsors & Guest

(02:50 – 07:59) – How Chris Made A Transition Into Tech

(07:59 – 21:54) – About Industrialized Construction and MMCs In UK

(21:54 – 28:41) – Chris’s experience working at Modulous

(28:41 – 31:54) – Premature Decision Made By Modulous To Expand In US

(31:54 – 43:00) – Challenges That Comes With Pilot Projects

(43:00 – 58:21) – Economics Of The Idea That Modulous Had

(58:21 – 01:07:00) – Key Lessons Learnt By Chris

(01:07:00 – 01:16:09) – Understanding Chris’s Perspective On Offsite Manufacturing

(01:16:09 – 01:16:50) – Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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