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The Underdog Story of Construction’s Hottest Startup


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

What would you risk to pursue your dream? For Tom Deane, it meant everything – even if it meant putting in his last penny to go all-in on a bold vision.

In this must-listen episode, Tom Deane, Co-Founder of Project Mark shows us what it really takes to be successful in the startup world.

He takes us behind the scenes and pulls the curtain on the story behind Project Mark – his innovative Construction-CRM platform. You’ll also hear how he and his co-founders bootstrapped just $1,500 into an initial $500,000 before raising a staggering $3 million in seed round.

Hear how Tom’s ability to tell a story well made all the difference.

You’ll also learn:

• How to craft a pitch that delivers investment

• How to identify and partner with the right VC for long-term success

• Usual pitfalls that derail fundraising efforts (and how to avoid them)

• How Project Mark empowers construction businesses to win more bids

• How struggle and perseverance are key to success

• What’s possible when you go all-in on your entrepreneurial dreams

And much more ..


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(00:00:00-00:02:27) Intro

(00:02:27-00:10:11) About Tom’e Journey and ProjectMark

(00:10:11-00:26:05) Top 50 ConTech Startups in 2024

(00:26:05-00:30:33) How To Build relationship with VCs

(00:30:33-00:41:09) Pre & Post Funding Scenarios

(00:41:09-00:48:32) Silicon Valley As An Entrepreneur Ecosystem

(00:48:32-00:49:39) Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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