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Trials And Triumphs: AI, Robotics, and Investment Strategies | May Roundup with Owen & Martin


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

Join Owen and Martin as they take you on a journey of May’s most groundbreaking conversations in the world of construction tech.

From Berlin to Amsterdam, the pair uncover the secrets behind the industry’s most innovative minds and reveal the strategies that are transforming the way we build. Explore billionaire investment strategies from ex Goldman Sachs Managing Director and masterclass framework for innovation implementation.

Prepare to be inspired:

  • The power of constraint: How limitations can actually fuel creativity and drive innovation.
  • The rapid iteration mindset: Why embracing constant change and experimentation is key to staying ahead.
  • The future of automation: How robotics, AI, and data are revolutionising architecture and construction.
  • The untapped potential of retrofitting: Why upgrading existing buildings could be the next big thing.

And much more.


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(00:37 – 04:09) – What happened last month in Bricks and Bytes

(04:09 – 18:30) – What did we learn last month

(18:30 – 34:48) – Guests we had this month

(34:48 – 36:23) – Bricks and Bytes Broadcast


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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