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Why SaaS Is Dying & How Procurement Is Changing, Reality-Check On AI in Construction – Mike Powers


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Are SaaS pricing models doomed in construction tech? Mike Powers thinks so.

In this episode, we had Mike Powers, founder of BuildVision, and we got to learn about his contrarian take on SaaS pricing in construction, the challenges of selling to the industry, and his vision for revolutionizing procurement in mechanical and electrical equipment… and many more!

Tune in to find out about:

✅ Why BuildVision avoids traditional SaaS pricing

✅ The importance of providing tangible value to construction clients

✅ Strategies for penetrating large organizations as a startup

✅ Mike’s views on AI’s impact on construction in the next 5-10 years


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(00:00 – 07:04) – Intro

(04:34 – 07:04) – What helped Mike Build BuildVision

(07:04 – 11:34) – Understanding Vision of BuildVision

(11:34 – 18:28) – Pricing Structure That Successful Startups Follow In Construction

(18:28 – 25:10) – Mike’s Take On The Use Of AI In Construction

(25:10 – 31:26) – How BuildVision Differentiates From Its Competitors

(31:26 – 38:57) – Struggles While Managing To FundRaise For BuildVision

(38:57 – 44:27) – How VCs Work With Team

(44:27 – 52:54) – Mike’s Advice For People Who Want To Master Sales

(52:54 – 01:05:12) – How Mike Made Transition From Sales To A Founder

(01:05:12 – 01:05:52) – Outro


Be The First To Hear About The Technologies Constructing Tomorrow.

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