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Bricks, Bucks & Bytes

Stay informed and gain valuable investment insights for the AEC sector with our weekly podcast. Each episode, we dive into the latest Investment News, analyse current Market News, and provide an Investor’s Hot Take on the most pressing topics in the industry. Whether you’re an industry professional, investor, or simply interested in the financial aspects of AEC, our podcast delivers concise and actionable information to help you navigate this dynamic market.
The original Bricks & Bytes show that started it all – a show about construction technology, business, and entrepreneurship. On Bricks and Bytes, we bring together the worlds of construction, technology, and entrepreneurship. We explore the innovative ideas and groundbreaking advancements that are shaping the future of the industry.



A show featuring the best founders and operators in Architecture, Engineering and Construction technology. We dive into founders stories and all things venture building within AEC.


What if we told you the world around you would one day be built by robots? In Bitbuilders – a Bricks & Bytes production, we explore the world of construction robotics.

Our host, Gabriele Tinelli— investor at Foundamental, Aerospace Engineer, and hardware nerd—sits down with the greatest companies that are tackling traditional industries’ problems with robotics. From bricklaying to painting, tune in to hear the real-world use cases of robotics in construction and the stories behind the entrepreneurs making it happen.

Super Series

This exclusive series explores the truly generational companies changing the world of construction forever. It is a multi-part series focusing on one company at a time. Limited access is available to paid subscribers only.