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The original Bricks & Bytes show that started it all – a show about construction technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

On Bricks and Bytes, we bring together the worlds of construction, technology, and entrepreneurship. We explore the innovative ideas and groundbreaking advancements that are shaping the future of the industry.



July 19, 2024

Could a “Cloud Installer” approach help insulate 30 million European homes faster? In this episode of Bricks, Bucks and Bytes, we learned about Varm’s €5.7M seed round for their innovative

July 16, 2024

In this episode, Amir Berman of Builddots challenges the status quo in construction technology. We explore how AI and data are silently revolutionizing the industry, despite widespread skepticism. Berman shares

July 12, 2024

Is raising venture capital really a sign of success for startups? In this episode of Bricks, Bucks and Bytes, we explore Neustark’s €69M growth round. We learn how they’re making

July 9, 2024

Is Latin America the next frontier for construction tech? In this episode, we had Bernardo Gamboa, Partner at Global Projects Strategy, who shared fascinating insights into the construction tech landscape

July 5, 2024

Is Saudi Arabia outpacing Silicon Valley in construction tech? A recent $30M funding round suggests so… In this episode of Bricks, Bucks and Bytes, we explored Tendered’s major Series A

July 3, 2024

From delivering concrete in Mumbai to becoming India’s second-largest concrete supplier – how did InfraMarket do it? In this episode, we had Shubh from Foundamental, an early investor in InfraMarket,