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Podcast: Monthly Roundup

Trials And Triumphs: AI, Robotics, and Investment Strategies | May Roundup with Owen & Martin

Join Owen and Martin as they take you on a journey of May's most groundbreaking conversations in the world of construction tech. From Berlin to Amsterdam, the pair uncover the secrets behind the industry's most innovative minds and reveal the strategies that are transforming the way we build. Explore billionaire investment strategies from ex Goldman…

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UNCUT: Big Money. Big Tech. Rags To Riches – Construction’s Digital Dawn | April Roundup w/ Owen & Martin

Ready for a no-holds-barred look at the high-stakes world of construction tech? Join Owen and Martin for their unfiltered April roundup. We're turning the spotlight on million-dollar deals, underdog wins, robot bricklayers, and all the industry buzz. Plus, get the inside track with our new “Bricks, Bytes & Broadcast” format featuring investor Patric Hellerman. Never…

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Big Tech, VC Billions & AI Architects | Martin & Owen Exclusive

“If you could interview one Venture Capitalist in the world, who would it be?” In today's episode, hosts Owen and Martin sit down and talk about the fascinating intersection of construction, technology, and Big-Money investment. Join them as they look back on their own evolution in a field slow to embrace change. Martin takes us…

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