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W/C 3rd July 2024


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Why 70% Of Investors Have A Negative Impact On Your Startup And The Future Of Energy Assessments

BONUS – How India’s FIRST Unicorn in Construction was Created – InfraMarket – with Shubhankar Bhattacharya

Why SaaS Is Dying & How Procurement Is Changing, Reality-Check On AI in Construction – Mike Powers


“In developed economies like Europe or the US, about 90% of the buildings that will be here in 2050 are already built. So there’s a lot of work, there’s a lot of retrofitting to do.”

– Gregory Dewerpe, Inside the Mind of Europe’s Largest VC Founder

“What you want through these energy retrofit one-stop shops is to get to what we call self-identified demand, meaning the demand comes to you and because they have done the energy audit, because they have triggered the energy audit, they have self-identified to have a purchase readiness.”

– Patric Hellerman, BBBC 13/04 – Europe’s Hottest Startup, Retrofitting, PR Best Practice & Nonsense

What Are Investors Betting On?


Shft — helping contractors like you leverage BIM to secure a leading position in the race towards construction’s digital future. 

BuildVision — streamlining the construction supply chain with a unified platform for contractors, manufacturers, and stakeholders.