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  Imagine trying to renovate a house blindfolded. Sounds impossible, right? Yet, that’s essentially what we’re doing when retrofitting buildings without physical substance data. This crucial information is revolutionising how

  In 2023, global investment in energy transition technologies hit a record $1.77 trillion, with energy efficiency investments alone reaching $380 billion and set to grow by 10% by 2030.

In the dynamic world of construction technology (ConTech) startups, securing funding is a crucial milestone. Naturally, founders want to celebrate and publicize these achievements to build credibility and momentum.
The development industry has left the planet with more toxic waste than anyone else. A staggering 40% of global greenhouse gas is credited to the building sector. A study by
Think construction tech, think robots laying bricks, AI designing your dream home, and a whole industry turned on its head. We're not just talking about this stuff – it’s happening.


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